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​​​​​​​Research and Development​​​​​​​

Q-Tech is an innovative player on the market of accessesories for light commercial vehicles. In order to obtain and maintain a leading position on the market it is important dat Q-Tech improves and re-invents itself over and over again. It is therefore that existing Q-Tech products are being renewed.

Moreover, regularly new concepts and products are invented and developed. Our Research & Development is responsable for these developments and is already consisting out of 4 enthusiastic employees. These people are usually educated as Industrial Product Designer and work a lot with programs as Solidworks. This program allows them to design the product graphically in 3D. From the moment the design is ready, calculations regarding the strength and flexability can be made via simulations. This prevents destructive research and is cost-efficient.  

From the moment the product is fully developed, the product, by means of a rendering, can be pictured trustworthy on an existing image of a vehicle. By doing this, it becomes visible for the customer how the product will look on this particular vehicle in real life. These images are also used by Q-Tech with its marketing activities, like the website, leaflets, brochures and social media.