What do you want to know about Q-Tech?


Mission & Vision

Q-Tech is a people company. Getting satisfaction from your work is an essential foundation within our organization. The Q-Tech team works together every day to get the best out of it. By knowing what Q-Tech stands for and where Q-Tech wants to be, every employee can contribute to the objectives of the organization within their own expertise.


Our customers

Q-Tech delivers its products at European level to importers, dealerships, body shops and converters.



To be the best in the market, you have to offer the best products. Q-Tech features all the necessary knowledge in-house. From product idea to the development of the end product. From wish to reality.


Our team

A team of specialist is committed to serve you every day. Meet a couple of our colleagues and discover which voice or signature belongs to which face.


Our timeline

Year after year, all of our Q-Tech colleagues worked hard to give meaning to our Q-Tech history. Our team is proud to share this piece of history with you.



Q-Tech strives towards an efficient way of continuously optimizing its processes. We do this by minimizing our Carbon footprint by contributing to better living conditions.