June 2022

Q-Top Carry-Stop thumbnail

Q-Top Carry-Stop

The new Q-Top Carry-Stop! A loading stop that can easily be placed on the carrier of a Q-Top roof rack or on the Q-Top roof carriers. With these Carry-Stops you can secure your load on the roof in one instant. This unique design can also be combined with a lashing strap to make sure that the load is extra secured. Curious about these Carry-Stops?

June 2022

Q-Top Tube, an extremely strong and safe transport tube thumbnail

Q-Top Tube, an extremely strong and safe transport tube

Transporting long materials on the roof of a commercial vehicle still remains a challenge. Recently, this changed into a simple & safe operation. The Q-Top product range has expanded with The Tube. This waterproof tube is made of anodized aluminium and has a diameter of 10 cm. the tube is ideal for transporting long materials such ass PVC and copper tubes. The plastic black ends contain a locking mechanism and has been tested according to the strictest safety requirements. So closed means really closed.