December 2023

The new Smart-Step Pro thumbnail

The new Smart-Step Pro

We are delighted to introduce our latest innovation, an all-in-one solution for all your needs concerning your commercial vehicle. Our brand-new Smart-Step Pro, where ergonomics, ease of use, and functionality converge

August 2023

Black spoilers, the norm from now on thumbnail

Black spoilers, the norm from now on

In our continuous pursuit of improvement, we have decided to replace the traditional anodized aluminum spoilers on our Q-Top roof racks with black powder-coated aluminum spoilers. These black spoilers align better with the Q-Tech brand's aesthetic, as many accessories of the Q-Tech roof racks are already supplied in black, such as the loading rolls and 'Carry Stops,' for example. In addition to their new robust appearance, our spoilers have also undergone a quality enhancement. The powder coating prevents aluminum corrosion, and the improved packaging ensures that the spoiler is always delivered scratch free. A robust appearance and functionality in one.

October 2022

Q-Top Carry-Stop thumbnail

Q-Top Carry-Stop

The new Q-Top Carry-Stop! A loading stop that can easily be placed on the carrier of a Q-Top roof rack or on the Q-Top roof carriers. With these Carry-Stops you can secure your load on the roof in one instant. This unique design can also be combined with a lashing strap to make sure that the load is extra secured. Curious about these Carry-Stops?

October 2022

Q-Top Tube, an extremely strong and safe transport tube thumbnail

Q-Top Tube, an extremely strong and safe transport tube

Transporting long materials on the roof of a commercial vehicle still remains a challenge. Recently, this changed into a simple & safe operation. The Q-Top product range has expanded with The Tube. This waterproof tube is made of anodized aluminium and has a diameter of 10 cm. the tube is ideal for transporting long materials such ass PVC and copper tubes. The plastic black ends contain a locking mechanism and has been tested according to the strictest safety requirements. So closed means really closed.