​​​​​​​Q-Tech. Surprisingly different

Just a little bit different. That is what we strive for. Every day. And that applies to every employee.

With our product lines Q-Top, Q-Step and Q-Safe, we continuously try to improve solutions for the optimal use of commercial vehicles. We have been doing this for 20 years and now also internationally.

Q-Tech offers a wide range of high-quality, innovative accessories for commercial vehicles up to 3500 kg. Due to our in-house development and our own manufacturing, we are a total provider. As a result, we offer short delivery times, excellent service and real added value to our products. We do that with pleasure, let's not forget that!

 Surprisingly different: that is what we stand for.

Werken bij Q-Tech

Werk je bij Q-Tech, dan is er elke dag een andere uitdaging. 
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Surprisingly different

Elke dag doen wij ons uiterste best om onze klanten op en top te servicen. Wie met plezier van onze transportoplossingen gebruik maken? Kijk verder!  

Q-Top Q-Step Q Safe

Ons  productengamma biedt oplossingen voor berijders van bedrijfswagens. Qua functionaliteit, veiligheid en design altijd nét even wat fraaier dan normaal. Kijk hier verder!