‘’A good product has to be amazing’’.

At Q-Tech a product idea exists at the lunch table. In other words; bundling knowledge is our strength. With an experienced R&D team and product specialists we feature all necessary knowledge in-house. We take care of our own engineering.

The combination of mechanical engineering knowledge and practical experience lead to quality products. But a new Q-Tech product is only viable if it has the ‘’Surprisingly Different’’ factor. A brainstorm process that leads to added value, every time. That is what makes our products great.


When possible, we ensure that the assembly process and our production process are automized. In this way, we operate in an efficient workflow.



Less variety
Less components
Less processes
Less inventory management
Less assembly steps
Less costs



Higher capacity
Faster delivery
Higher revenue
Lower operational costs
Higher efficiency
Healthy employees


Q-Box. The smart packaging.

Our Q-Box is a versatile packaging. This packaging is developed in a smart way which offers us the possibility to fit all our products in the same box. This way of packaging makes sure that the boxes in your warehouse are stackable. Putting away our products in your warehouse in an organized and dust-free way saves you time, money and surface space.

Furthermore, we reassure a 100% damage-free delivery. This is possible, because of the multifunctional filling blocks which results in a shock-resistant transport. The chance of damage is therefore minimal.

Surprisingly different.

We want to provide our customers with an experience worth a smile. That is why we aim to be Suprisingly different.


Product support.

Met onze ruim 20 jaar aan ervaring in de bedrijfswagenaccessoire-sector hebben wij veel kennis en expertise opgebouwd. Wij delen onze kennis graag en geven u advies op maat. Q-Tech denkt altijd met u mee om samen tot een oplossing te komen, daar staan wij voor!

With more than 20 years of experience in the commercial vehicle accessory market, we gained a lot of knowledge and developed a great expertise. We would like to share our knowledge to give you personal advice.  Q-Tech always thinks along with you to find the best solution. That is what we stand for!