A robust load stop that is flexible to use and simple to place. The Carry-Stop secures cargo in a safe and responsible way. A set of Carry-Stops clamps the material firmly in its place, in a literal blink of an eye. The stops can be placed at any desired carrier of a Q-Top roof rack or a set of roof carriers. The Q-Top Carry-Stop can be used on all dedicated roof transport products.


Carry-System - Tube

A stylish transport tube with a safe and self-closing closure.
The Q-Top Carry-System Tube is a light weighted aluminium cargo tube. The Transport tube is equipped with a smart closing mechanism which ensures that the tube always closes like it needs to close, and opens up as with a press of the button underneath. The Carry-System Tube meets the strictest safety standards and is waterproof as well.

Carry System Tube 1Carry System Tube 2Carry System Tube 3

Ladder roll

A ladder roll is an indispensable accessory for loading and unloading material.
Our unique roller is equipped with a rubber anti-slip layer which ensures that cargo can be loaded user-friendly and does not damage anything in the process.



Our Q-Top anti slip walkway makes it possible to walk safely on the roof rack. The walkway is provided with ridges and drainage holes in the surface to offers optimal grip. Cargo can be reached and secured safely and easily. The walkway is easy to mount at any preferred position.


Fastening hook

Q-Top fastening hooks make it possible to tie down cargo onto the roof rack. The fastening hooks can be placed in any preferred position of a carrier. Fastening hooks can be combined with the Q-Top roof racks en aluminium roof carriers.


Lighting mount

The lighting mount is a universal Q-Top product and can therefore be combined with any type of roof rack or any type of commercial vehicle. The lighting can be mounted on any desired roof carrier and can also be used for various sorts of lamps such as emergency lighting or LED-Lights. The lighting mount can be combined with the Q-Top C13 and O19 aluminium roof racks and Q-Top roof carriers.